In a commercial career spanning thirty five years, working at some of the UK’s biggest brands and running my own businesses and employing my own staff, I experienced many different styles of leadership and learnt what it takes to show up as an effective and respected leader in business.

What I came to see is that many, if not most people, develop their leadership style from a basis of securing their own survival, whether as a business owner or career professional.

Leading from this level of survival is a natural human instinct but it has consequences. And what I learned, the hard way, was that these consequences can be detrimental to the building of a business or a career and get in the way of long term success.

The Difference Between Success and Failure

Whilst leadership training is now much more common practice than twenty or thirty years ago, it is still seen by many as an expensive luxury. And so today, most people still learn their leadership skills from the people they work with, and this is where they get their ideas of leadership best practice.

Most business leaders are well intentioned, but a lack of in-depth understanding about leadership very often leads to good people not being developed to their full potential and therefore the organisations not getting the most from their people.

This leads to frustration for everyone.

With hindsight I was able to see this had been my path. I didn’t receive any formal leadership training during my corporate career.

Recognising this was a big gap in my professional and personal development, in the second phase of my career I actively engaged the conscious development of my own leadership skills.

In 2012 when I was made redundant from my commercial director role, where I led a team of over 100 people, I made the decision to focus on creating a leadership development programme that was practical, relevant and affordable for small and medium size enterprises, so that no business ever again had to lose out on the hidden potential that exists within its people.

From my experiences I now know that leadership skills are the difference between long term success and failure and is why I founded the Exceptional Leader Academy.

The Exceptional Leader Academy exists to help remove the barriers to these goals. We believe that the only limits to an individual’s potential are those imposed by their own beliefs and the beliefs of managers and leaders.

The principles of neuroscience, positive psychology and metaphysics underpin the programs and courses developed in the ELA. Our sole objective is helping individuals and organisations break through the limits of what they believe is realistic and possible.



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